[cross-posted from Andy Warren's blog - Nov. 16]

Early last week Joe Webb announced on this blog that he will be the chair of the PASS Election Review Committee (ERC). Read his post for some his thoughts, and then I want to share here some background on why we formed the committee and some of the challenges we face.

We heard clearly from the PASS membership that the 2010 election could have been handled better. As I’ve written previously we did a lot of work following the 2009 election with regards to transparency, but in hindsight we didn’t do enough to fix a more serious problem – a lack of details around the scoring and review process used by the Nomination Committee. We can’t undo the problems we encountered, but we can work on doing better in 2011, and now at least we have a deeper understanding of the core problems that need to be addressed.

It took a bit of time to get things rolling on the ERC. It started with a good discussion within the Board about who should lead it. Not whether we should do a review, that was easily agreed to, but I felt strongly that appointing someone from outside the Board to head the committee would send a strong signal about our intent to do better in 2011...

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