PASS Election Review Committee

What is the ERC?

The Election Review Committee was formed by the PASS Board of Directors to address various issues related to the organization's elections procedure. The ERC is a completely independent committee comprised of five community members and two sitting Directors. The committee is chaired by Joe Webb, who blogged about its formation here.


The ERC's mission is to conduct an independent and interactive audit of the policies, procedures, and processes that govern the elections and, based upon that review, to deliver a set of recommendations to the Board of Directors.

In order to achieve its charter, the ERC will be engaging in discussion with any and all PASS members who have a vested interest in the elections process. You can read more about ways you can contact the ERC below. 

2011 Recommendations

For more information on the recommendations presented by the ERC in 2011 please visit the documents section of this site.

2010 Elections

To read more about the 2010 PASS Elections, visit the Elections site at There you can review the community's discussion via blogs and the elections forums as well as view all the documents used during the elections process. Updates for the 2011 Election will be coming soon.

How Can I Have My Say?

The ERC depends on your input to be able to provide proper and thorough recommendations to the Board. For that reason, the ERC wants to hear from you.

You can currently voice your opinion to the ERC in the following ways:

  • Email the ERC -
  • Visit the ERC forums
  • Comment on the ERC blog
  • Use #PASSERC on Twitter (archives can be found here)
  • Contact an individual ERC member via blog or Twitter (see panel on the right)



Election Review Committee

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